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It is not only humans that desire to live a healthy life, but these lively pets too. Selecting the best and healthiest food for their fluffy family members is now more of a concern for pet owners. We launched new solutions for fiber-fortification and protein nourishment, to help you feed the best nutrition for your beloved pet.

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Fiber Fortification in Animal Nutrition

Take care to your lovely pet by adding more fiber to their diet with our resistant starch, PHYBOPLUS 1. This fortifying starch contains 65% dietary fiber, reduces calories and also provides a stable structure for pet food products. This is the most suitable solution for dog lovers to treat their dogs with care.



Protein Fortification in Animal Nutrition

To make sure your lovely dog is strong and in good shape, we recommend PREMIO COAT 300, the functional flour, that provides rich protein content, binding properties, and an appropriate amount of carbohydrates. This solution guarantees your dog will have plenty of strength to enjoy their playful activities.


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