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6.  Out-of-Box,                                       8. Resistant Starch

       Into-the-Fridge Snacking
                                                       Resistant Starch is now popular as low-cal, low-carb
                                                       and  high- ber  food.  People  are  more  concerned
 To match the grab-and-go lifestyle,                   about food intake and limit some nutritional groups.
 the snacking trend is booming as well                 Resistant  starch is  unique  type  of  ber which
 but  this  time  it  has shifted  to “Fresh           functions similar to soluble and fermentable  ber. It
 Snack”. According to the research,                    greatly improves insulin sensitivity, lowers blood
 consumers think they need more                        sugar levels, bene ts heart health and also helps in
 protein daily so it is no surprise why                weight loss. It is also considered a Super Food. Thus,
 snacking  has  been  increasing                       modi ed tapioca starch was developed to enhance
 continually.  This  also  involves                    the capacity of added  ber in foods and performs
 plant-based snack  as well but more                   well as a resistant starch.
 freshness that they can stock in the

 fridge and take it around anytime in
 the freshest condition such as nuts,
 beans, lentils and algae in snack bars,
 bottles smoothies, and  drinkable


 7. Nature in the recipe

 Consumers are paying more attention
 to what they eat, where the   9. Elderly Food                  10. Zero-Proof
 ingredients  are from, and how the   As  reported,  the  elderly population  is now   As health  and wellness are on the
 product is made.  That’s why clean   increasing and physiological changes a ect   consumer’s mind, products with low or no
 label ingredients and green organics   nutritional status in elderly.  Then, food   content  of  undesirable  ingredients  which
 have  been  widely  used  and  products have to be customized to suit the   a ect human health such as low-carb,
 introduced to the market to deliver   elderly’s  nutritional  requirements  including   low-fat,  low-sugar,  low-alcohol  are
 the cleanest, most natural treat for   sensory aspects, composition, labelling, ease   dramatically increasing in popularity.  The
 consumers. The rise of going organic   of preparation and consumption and care for   rise of zero-proof is still on target to grow

 and natural-based foods doesn’t only   chronic  diseases.  Moreover,  texture  even bigger. However, eliminating these
 play its role in food industry but also   modi cation is essential for elderly.  They   ingredients entirelya ects mouth feel, taste,
 in the health care and cosmetic   need  the  products  that  are  physically   creaminess and viscosity.  Thus, there is a
 industries.   modi ed  for better  rheological  properties     huge competitive market for to create a
    such as viscosity, thickness, and consistency.              variety of product choices while maintaining
                                                                normal food body and texture.

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