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1. Food Storytelling

 People tend to pay attention to what
 they eat and story behind the products.
 The story tells the true bene ts that they
 are getting and reveals the process of
 each product.  The more consumers
 connect with the story, the more they   3.  Sustainability at Heart    4.  The Right Bite & Lifestyle
 decide to purchase that particular
 product. Nowadays, the manufacturer   The  sustainability concern  has risen   We are living in the world where

 draws a timeline back to the organic   hugely in this decade with no signs of   everything is just so convenient; to eat, to
 farming,  the  devotion  in  each  slowing down. From market research,   cook, to grab and go. Nonetheless,
 production and connects it to the  nal   consumers are more willing to pay extra   consumers seek convenience but also
 product.  This trend is very useful for   for the products that are friendly to the   crave nutritious foods as the result of
 agricultural products in the way that   environment  and  solve  the  plastic  and   rising health-conscious trend. As it is said
 they can emphasize their uniqueness,   food waste problems. This has prompted   “busy consumers want to be healthy as
 premium quality, and sustainability   manufacturers to rethink and prioritize   well”, they look for foods that are easy to
 e orts living in the business supply   eco-e ciency in their products including   prepare, easy to cook at home, and rich in
 chain.   renewable energy resources, recycling                  nutrients as if they were eating at the
         plastic, and food waste reduction. These                restaurant. This year will cement the role
         changes are in response to the fact that                of convenience and health balance.
 STORY SELLS ITSELF   consumer would like to take part in
         protecting the earth. Nowadays, it has
         become a positive trend and consumers
         want to try out a new lifestyle that
         promotes true sustainability.                           5.  Texture draws Purchase

                                                                 In consumer’s mind, the better food looks,
 2. Plant-Based is on the rise                                   the more interesting it is. Texture plays an

 Plant-based food is on the rise and will continue to            essential role in determining people’s
 grow in the long term. People are turning to meatless           feelings about foods. As true as it sounds,
 products and seeking alternative protein sources                mouthfeel and desirable indulgence lead
 which are derived from plants and rich in nutrients             to a satisfying sensory experience for
 such as soy beans, lentils, chickpeas, peanuts, and             consumers. It is even better when
 quinoa, described as “Super Food”. People are shifting          manufacturers       can     deliver    unique,
 towards cleaner living, animal welfare and a                    di erent, and fun experiences into their
 sustainable planet. A number of food companies took             foods.    This     re ects     the     textural
 the challenge to deliver the best alternative products          importance in food that must not be

 with cleaner label ingredients while improving the              overlooked.
 nutrition pro les.

 VEGAN ON THE GO                                                                 TEXTURE LEADS PURCHASING
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