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The Last grab to satisfy the delightful meal is to have a luscious dessert. As dessert it turns out to be the popularity of people and consuming is incredibly vast. We create the modified tapioca starch to cater the richest ingredients to make chewy, smooth, freeze-thaw stable and elastic texture for Mochi, Tapioca pearl. When indulgent sweets are desired, the exquisite ingredient starts here to bring your products beyond their expectation.

SMS’s products Function Benefits
KREATION®310 Texturizer
  • Provide desirable texture in mochi
  • Provide soft and chewy texture
  • Give smooth surface, shiny and lighter color
  • Good freeze and thaw stability
KREATION®D8 Texturizer
  • Provide desirable texture in tapioca pearl
  • Provide soft and chewy texture
  • Reduce cooking time
  • Good stability in hot and cold water
  • Excellent freeze and thaw stability

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