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Sponge Cake

Egg-Free2Egg is an important ingredient for sponge cake, acting not only as an emulsifier to provide smoother batter, but also as the leavening agent to help create and retain bubble. However, products that claim for Vegan, Cholesterol-Free as well as Allergen-Free have limitation in the utilization of egg products.  Lack of egg has a significant impact on baking performance of sponge cake and collapsed structure.

SMS Group provides special products, EMULTEC®908 & VERITY 353 for solving baking qualities of egg less sponge cake.

Products SMS’s products Function Benefits Usage (%)
Egg-Free Sponge Cake EMULTEC® 908 Emulsifier
  • Improve emulsifying properties in cake
1-3 % of flour base
VERITY 353 Texturizer
  • Texturizer
2-6 % of flour base

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