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Why Tapioca Starch

Bland Taste from the Nature 
: Tapioca Starch
Tapioca Starch is widely known as the most “bland flavor” starch in the world.

Tapioca starch has always been prized for its bland flavor and it commands a premium price when modified to eliminate the
textural problem and receive specific properties according to food products concept requirements.

Flavor can be greatly influenced by the type and amount of
starch used. Ideally the starch should contribute no flavor.
Any flavor contribution is normally considered to be a negative. Of
the starches under consideration, tapioca contributes the least amount of flavor.

Mostly food manufacturers prefer modified tapioca starches over any other starches because of its excellent flavor

Tapioca Starch – GMO Free 
More than 10 years ago that Genetically Modified Organisms or GMOs has been revealed and today the researches of GM crops continue and production of GM crops has grown increasingly in many countries around the world or more than 66 million acres in 1998.

There are rising concerns among customers in some parts of the world which has banned use of GM ingredients, citing consumer concerns about possible health risks while for some others countries, GM products have been accepted and consider as the solution to feed the world’s growing population.

Anyway, the products of Siam Modified Starch Co., Ltd. are being produce from tapioca starch base. Tapioca plant is the one of the plant which has been absolutely accepted as GMO-Free plant. So our modified tapioca starch can be used worldwide without any GMO problem for the consumers.