Wet End


During the last decade production of paper and especially the wet-end has become more complex. Besides the acid sizing system, pseudoneutral and neutral systems have been developed, which have enabled the use of calcium carbonate. Also higher filler contents are demanded in many paper grades. Water systems have been progressively closed leading to higher salt and trash contents and a negative influence on wet-end behavior. Additionally, machine speeds are increasing and head boxes and wires have been drastically modernized.

For these reasons, a total new approach to the wet-end became necessary. There are starch retention, specific conductivity, Zetapotential, pH and CD/AD.


Recommended Product Function Benefit
EXCELCAT® Series Wet-End Starch
Internal strength improvement
Fine retention improvement
Drainage improvement
Enhance higher starch retention especially with mechanical pulp or closed water system recycled paper
To optimize internal sizing consumption as ASA/ AKD emulsifier
EXCELBOND® Series Wet-End Starch
To enhance high filler content in uncoated paper production
Improve machine run-ability especially high speed machines
EXCELPLUS Series Wet-End Starch
Suitable for recycled furnish
Drainage improvement
Fines retention improvement
Internal strength improvement