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ASA Emulsifier

With the growing commercial use of ASA (Alkenyl succinic anhydrides) in paper mills, there is a need for further improvements in their performance. The ASA application in wet end process requires the aqueous emulsion of ASA using cationic starch or cationic polymer as ASA emulsifying agent. This ASA emulsifier role is very important for controllable particle size and stability. However, the drawback of cationic starch is the inconvenience of cooking and cooling in temperature before application while cationic polymer is ready for application but costly.  Furthermore, paper mills using amphoteric starch or unsuitable cationic starch must work through the trouble of limited selections of effective ASA emulsifying agent.

SMS has the solution to deal with this problem with a ready-to-use cationic liquid starch as ASA emulsifier, optimizing cost by enhancing ASA emulsion performance.

Recommended Product Function Benefit
PROMPTSIZE 30 ASA emulsifier
Controllable viscosity range
Consistency particle size emulsion
Less ASA hydrolysis
Lower overall sizing costs