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Soup and Sauce

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SMS innovative food starch is used for soup and sauce products, which provides a stabilizing and thickening function. We can apply our products to both hot and cold processes to provide a viscosity and process tolerance in soup, and various styles of sauce and dressing.

Recommended Product Function Benefit
1. SAUCETEC Series StabilizerThickener
Heat, pH and shear resistance
Provide thickened end product with a desirable texture and attribute, depending on process condition.It also extends the shelf life stability of the end product.
Provide short and smooth texture
Contributes to  viscosity and provides short and smooth texture with a glossy appearance.
2. V-TEX® Pulping agent
Partial replacement of tomato solid or fruit pulp
V-Tex contributes a pulpy texture in tomato-based or fruit-based product and creates an attractive appearance that meets the significant cost-saving target. Synergistic use with thickener modified starch.