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Mayonnaise and Emulsion product

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SMS innovative food starch can provide special functions such as emulsifier in oil-based products, fat replacer in bakery cream or dressing, and sodium caseinate replacer for non-dairy creamer. All functions can serve customer demands in term of processing aid, product improvement and cost optimization.

Recommended Product Function Benefit
1. VERITY 353 Stabilizer and fat replacer
Improve mouthfeel in bakery cream.
VERITY 353 enhances smoothness and creaminess as fat replacer in bakery cream.
2. KREAM 21 Emulsifier
Replace parts of sodium caseinate in non-dairy creamer
KREAM 21 is a cold water soluble starch and provides low viscosity at a high solid content. Using Kream 21 to replace parts of sodium caseinate provides excellent emulsion-stability in a low pH system.
3. EMULTEC® 908 Emulsifier
Improve emulsion stability in dressing.
• Emulsifying property in water-oil emulsion system.
• Easy dispersion and dissolving during preparation.
• Provide smooth and glossy creamy texture with longer shelf-life.• Using Emultec 908 can totally replace egg yolk in the formulation, as it is a cholesterol-free product.• Less microbial loading when compared with using fresh egg in the process.
4. Lytetec® Fat replacer
Provide Mouthfeel in dressing
In low-fat salad dressing with less than 30% oil content. LYTETEC® can be used to provide an excellent mouthfeel and creamy texture.
5. KREAM VG Emulsifier
Clouding agent in liquid form
KREAM VG provides excellent emulsion stability and contribute low viscosity, suitable to prepare high solid emulsion
6.KREATION® PS Emulsifier
Clouding agent in powder form
KREATION® PS is convenient to use and effective way to transform clouding solution into dry powder without spray drying.