Topping Pearls WH

The Last grab to satisfy the delightful meal is to have a luscious dessert. As dessert it turns out to be the popularity of people and consuming is incredibly vast. We create the modified tapioca starch to cater the richest ingredients to make chewy, smooth, freeze-thaw stable and elastic texture for Mochi, Tapioca pearl. When indulgent sweets are desired, the exquisite ingredient starts here to bring your products beyond their expectation.


Mochi Topping Pearls Desserts
Mochi Topping Pearls Desserts
  • Bakable mochi   • Tapioca pearls   • Grass Jelly
  • Crystal mochi   • Konjac pearls   • Waxy rice ball (Tang Yuan)
  • Daifuku mochi   • Water chestnut coated with tapioca starch in coconut cream
  • Mochi film
  • Instant mochi/ mochi ice-cream
  • Snow Mooncake
  • Mochi dusting powder