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Clean Label Products

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Supporting the trend of natural products, SMS innovates a new product line of functional native starches to serve customers’ requirements. “Natura” Functional Native Starches, classified as food ingredients, can be used in all kinds of clean label natural food products.

Recommended Product Function Benefit
 Natura Lite  Texturizer Provide high expansion and light crispness in coated products.
 Natura One  Texturizer  Provide high elasticity and transparency in frozen products.
 Natura Y808 Thickener Applied for Clean Label Yogurt
Natura Y808 is a functional native starch which is developed to apply as a thickener for clean label yogurt. Natura Y808 enhance viscosity and creamy texture for preferable yogurt.
 PREMIO COAT800 Texturizer Provide crispness texture in batter mixed product and provide puffing ability even cut off leavening agent.