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A Challenging target of a beverage formulator is maintaining good mouthfeel of the beverage, when the main components are removed. With SMS innovative food starch, we can solve this problem by improving mouthfeel of beverage, coffee or tea beverage and pre-mixed beverage.

Moreover, the versatile function of SMS innovative food starch can be applied to dairy products, namely yoghurt or dairy beverage.

Recommended Product Function Benefit
1. KREATION® FM Mouthfeel Enhancer
Enhance mouthfeel in beverage
KREATION® FM is recommended to use as mouthfeel enhancer in beverage canning or UHT products. KREATION® FM also suspends fruit pulp and provides a good stability in cold storage.
2. KREATION® Y910 Thickener Stabilizer
Provide smooth, viscous in yogurt
KREATION® Y910 is specially developed for high temperature and shear in yogurt processing. Using KREATION® Y910 will yield a smooth, viscous yogurt and also prevent whey protein separation.