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Beverage & Dairy


Dairy products are among the most popular foods in the world. Yogurt, Cheese and dairy-beverage are essential parts of a regular diet. Global Dairy Market is expected to grow 7% per year during 2017-2026.  New product developments to keep up with the dairy trend become increasingly important.  Texture and appearance of dairy products are key factors influencing consumers’ buying decisions.  With SMS modified food starches, we can help you create desirable products.


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Yogurt Imitation Cheese Dairy Beverage
  • Stirred Yogurt   • Processed cheese   • 3-in-1 drink
  • Gelatin-free yogurt   • Heat resistant cheese   • Canned drink
  • Zero-fat yogurt   • Dusting powder
  • Drinking yogurt   • Clean label cheese
  • Clean label yogurt