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Batter Mix

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SMS innovative food starches are applied in batter mix helping to improve crispiness and reduce grease. This kind of food starch is suitable for both premix manufacturer and household consumers.

Recommended Product Function Benefit
1. KREATION® 20CL Adhesion
Provide good adhesion and crispness
Kreation® 20CL improves and prolongs crispness and also reduce oil pick up.
2. BATTER 225  Light Crispness
Improve product crispness
Batter 225 enhances excellent light crispness and good film-forming properties.
3.  S-TEX® V1 Adhesion
Give potentially improved coating performance
Using S-Tex V1 as a predust, will provide a homogeneous film coating and effective coverage of substrate. It also prevents “blow-off” and “pillowing” and promotes a high production yield especially for frozen batter products.