Dry Mortar


Improve Workability and Anti-Slipping in the Mortar

The trend of using dry mix mortar is increasing by 6-10% globally every year since there are many benefits compared to conventional mortar such as consistent quality, lower operating cost, and improved productivity by using automatic mixing and spraying machine.

The most important additives for dry mortar application are water retaining agent, thickener and rheology modifier. Water retaining agent is used to hold water for cement hydration and the rheology modifier is added to adjust mortar flow-ability for smooth application. Starch Ether is known as a rheology modifier to improve workability and provide anti-sagging to mortar.

You can now experience the new innovation of dry mortar which productively allows convenience while troweling, time-saving, stable quality, viscosity and cost optimization with our innovative starch ether as an additive.

SMS’s starch ether products are developed to provide these functions suitable to many types of mortar. e.g. plastering, masonry, repair mortars, skim coat, wall putty, tile adhesive, in both cement and gypsum-based products.

SMS Innovative Starch Function Benefit
EXCELCON 100 Rheology modifier
Good workability
Good water retention
Easy trowelling for skim coat and plastering mortar
EXCELCON 300 Rheology modifier
Excellent workability
Smooth & Easy trowelling for skim coat/wall putty
EXCELCON A380 Thickener
Anti-Slip for the tile adhesive
Excellent workability
EXCELCON 417S Binder
Reduce dusting
Increase bonding strength
Cost reduction
EXCELCON T500 Thickener
Anti-Slip for the tile adhesive
Good workability
Increase open time
EXCELCON A850 Thickener
Anti-Slip for the tile adhesive
Anti-sagging for plastering mortar
EXCELCON A880 Thickener
Anti-Slip for the large format tile adhesive
Anti-sagging for thick layer plastering mortar or repair mortar
Not retard setting time