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Catch up Health Trend with Natura Lite

for Clean Label Coated Nut & Fabricated Snack

Health and wellness are becoming increasingly important for consumer.  In recent years, there has been a high demand for “clean labels” food product which made from simple and natural ingredients, non e-number and non-chemical sounding name.  These challenges many food industries to reformulate their recipes to adapt with the clean label trend by reducing substance list while maintaining high quality.

As the coated nut and snack market have grown continually along with health awareness, SMS develops a new product line of functional native starches to serve customer’s requirements.  Our “Natura Lite”, classified as food ingredients; can be used in all kinds of clean label natural food products especially in coated nut and fabricated snack.

Natura Lite provides the versatile benefits;

  • Light crispness
  • More uniform air cells
  • Improve product expansion
  • No E-number
  • No chemical sounding name

With SMS clean label starch, snack manufacturers can now balance clean label goals and the perfect product quality.

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