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Pregelatinized starch

Pregelatinized starch refers to the starch which pre-cooked and dried using drum drying or spray drying. The process of gelatinization by heating is designed to remove the necessity of cooking.  The pregelatinized starch may be applied to native of modified cook-up starch to achieve a versatile range of instant thickening starch.

SMS offers a wide range of pregelatinized starch under brands such as GENIGEL®, KREAM, and CRISPYTEC and more in our portfolio. These innovative starches are convenient and easy to use perfect for instant soup & sauce, non-dairy creamer, and snack products.

Product Function Benefits
GENIGEL® Series Instant thickener/ stabilizer –   Provide viscosity and body of liquid food products.
–   Improve glossiness and smooth texture.
–   Excellent freeze and thaw stability.
KREAM Series Emulsifier/ Stabilizer –   Provide excellent emulsion stability.
–   Partial or total caseinate replacement.
–   Low viscosity, suitable to prepare high solid emulsion for spray drying.
CRISPYTEC Series Texturizer –   Improve crispness of products.
–   Improve puffing ability of products.
–   Provide smoother appearance.