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Phosphate free marinated meat

Product Overview
“How to keep freshness of meat products, especially poultry meat until serving to customer?” is a crucial importance for most manufacturers having to pay attention.  Consumers always desire for a fresh quality of poultry products; therefore, they expect the products with fresh appearance, tender texture and good flavor.  Food additive such as phosphate compound, is commonly used for marinated poultry meat prior to any food processes, aimed to prevent the poultry meat from moisture loss and keep its texture juiciness.  Phosphate substance has a limiting use by USFDA due to excess of phosphate intake can cause adverse effect to health such as a chronic kidney disease.Siam Modified Starch provides the best solution for phosphate free meat marinade. With an excellent water holding capacity, KREATION®1202 and KREATION®MJ can help you keep poultry meat with freshness even in a steamed, a frozen or a chilled condition, thus you can serve the best product qualities to customer.
Products SMS’s products Function Benefits Usage (%)
Marinated Meat
Yield improver • Phosphate free
• Increase cooking yield
• Provide juiciness
3 – 5%
Marinated Meat1 Marinated Meat2

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