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The plating technique refers to the dry blending of liquid onto solid carrier to create free-flowing powder. SMS innovative starch can be used as plating agent for converting oily or highly viscous materials such as seasoning oil, lecithin, honey, and oleoresins into manageable dry powder.

D-PERSE Cap is a specifically modified to increase surface area for excellent oil loading capacity. The plating process is just simple dry blend starch with oil until homogenous powder is obtained.

KREATION® PS is a new innovative starch that modified to obtain a porous “sponge-like” structure. This modification leads to increase surface to volume ratio. This porous starch can plate both water-and oil-based materials and can used as host for flavor molecules.

Products Function Benefits
D-PERSE Cap Oil-based absorber
  • Effective way to transform oil into dry powder without spray drying
  • Completely release oil when dissolved in cold or hot water.
KREATION® PS water-and oil-based absorber / flavor carrier
  • Convenient to convert water-and oil-based solution into dry powder.
  • Allow you to dry blead with high viscosity fluid like honey.
  • Can be used as flavor carrier