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Meat patty

Product Overview
Meat patty is made of coarse ground meat combined with spices and seasoning, usually forming its shape into a round & flat, and always kept in a freezer. The meat patty will be reheated by grill or cooking with microwave before serving in a sort of sandwich or hamburger.  Binding property of ground meat is important for shape forming of the product, yielding meat and fat bound together.  However, thermal & frozen process cause lower water holding capacity of protein, this also affects a poor binding property as well.Siam Modified Starch provides solution for binding property improvement of the products. STARGEL M & BINDGEL® are special starches applicable for binding agent aimed to improve adhesive property and increasing yield of the products even in frozen or reheated process.
Products SMS’s products Function Benefits Usage (%)
Meat Patty STARGEL M
Texturizer • Improve binding property
• Increase cooking yield
• Improve water holding capacity of product
1-5 %
Meat Patty

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