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Meat ball

Product Overview
Meat ball is a kind of emulsion-type meat, typically it is available in both of chill and frozen.  Frozen process causes drastic change in texture and appearance of meat ball due to the loss of water-holding capacity of protein.  Thus, water leak out of the product and collapse of structure become a drawback of the products during on shelf life.To minimize this problem, Siam Modified Starch provides texturing starches which excellent properties in terms of and heat resistant and freeze thaw stability.  The SMS texturing starches function as a filler embedding in protein metric while performing a good water holding capacity, these promote gel strength, elastic texture to meat ball as well as maintain product quality even storage in frozen condition.
Products SMS’s products Function Benefits Usage (%)
Meat ball KREATION®10CL
Texturizer • Improve firmness and elasticity
• Improve water holding capacity
• Good freeze/thaw stability
5-15 %
Meat ball

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