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Low fat mayonnaise

Product Overview

Fat content plays a key role on rheology of food emulsion, especially mayonnaise & salad dressing. High fat content contributes continuous oil droplet net work in mayonnaise, consequently its texture become short & spoonable.
Reduce fat content has a significant effect on rheology & texture and also impacts on product qualities in several aspects as the following
• Low viscosity
• Emulsion instability
• Short shelf life (texture & appearance)
• Lack mouthfeel
SMS provides modified starch to optimize rheology & texture of low fat mayonnaise and also provides excellente mouthfeel.

Products SMS’s products Function Benefits Usage (%)
Low fat mayonnaise LYTETEC® Fat Replacer • Provide good mouthfeel similar to fat in low calorie food 3 – 5%
Thickener & Stabilizer • Increase viscosity and glossiness of product.

• Excellent resist to heat, acid, and shear.

2 – 4 %
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