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Casein-FreeCaseinate is commonly used as an emulsifier for spray-drying fat powder because of its excellent performance in terms of high oil loading capacity, whitening effect & mouthfeel. However, caseinate has a limiting use in foods that claims for vegan and milk allergy free. Especially, person who are allergic to milk protein & lactose intolerance has to avoid food products made of any milk ingredients.

SMS Group has innovated an excellent emulsifying starch, KREAM VG which is applicable for spray-drying fat powder, namely non-dairy creamer (NDC), fat powder, and coconut powder, etc.

Products SMS’s products Function Benefits Usage (%)
Casein-Free Lipid Powder KREAM VG Emulsifier
  • Use as a fully sodium caseinate replacer
  • Provide excellent emulsion stability
  • Low viscosity, suitable to prepare high solids emulsion for spray drying
  • Provide good whitening effect
4 – 8 %

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