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Instant mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is an oil in water emulsion containing the three major ingredients, namely egg yolk, vegetable oil, and vinegar.  Typical mayonnaise has to be processed under high shear mixer to emulsify oil and aqueous components into emulsion system. Compared to typical mayonnaise, instant mayonnaise is more simplistic and convenient for preparation.  GENIGEL® 48 and GENIGEL® M78 are designed for a thickening agent for instant mayonnaise due to these products facilitate to cold process, provide creamy texture, and also stabilize the emulsion system of instant mayonnaise.
Products SMS’s products Function Benefits Usage (%)
Instant Mayonnaise GENIGEL® 48
Instant thickener & Stabilizer • Provide creamy texture
• Develop viscosity and texture rapidly
• Bland taste and clean flavor
3 – 5%
Instant mayonnaise

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