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Gelatin-Free Gummy Candy

Gummy CandyGelatin is a popular ingredient for confectionary including gummy candy due to it provides desirable benefits such as elastic texture, excellent melt in mouth and good flavor release.  However, the use of gelatin in foods is prohibited by religious reason & vegetarian food, and also dose not comply with food certificates, namely Halal and Kosher.

Therefore, KREATION® A115 is an alternative for confectionery manufacturing to overcome gelatin replacement.

Products SMS’s products Function Benefits Usage (%)
Gelatin-Free Gummy Candy KREATION® A115 Gelatin replacer
  • Provide low viscosity at high temperature and high solid content
  • Provide a good filmforming property together with chewiness and elasticity
  • Give glossy and smooth appearance
  • Use as gelatin replacement for Halal, vegetarian, Vegan
6 – 10 %

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