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Gelatin-Free Yogurt

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Gelatin is usually added to yogurt at a level of 0.1-0.5% to get a smooth and glossy appearance and also used as a stabilizer to improve shelf life of yogurt.  However, in order to meet the demand of Halal, Kosher, and Vegan foods as well as cost saving, gelatin replacement has become a major issue in yogurt industry.

KREAMERY® GF could help you formulate Gelatin-Free yogurt with excellent texture and sensory attribute of yogurt similar to that of gelatin.


Products SMS’s products Function Benefits Usage (%)
Gelatin-Free Yogurt KREAMERY® GF Gelatin replacer
(+ SMS dairy thickener starch)
  • Replace totally gelatin
  • Provide creamy body
0.3 – 0.8%

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