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Fat-Free Yogurt

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Fat content approximately 3.5-4% in traditional yoghurt can provide benefits to its texture, mouth feeling and organoleptic properties.  Clearly, sensory attribute of low fat (2% fat) or non-fat (0.1% fat) get a failure in all aspects, including creaminess, smoothness, mouthfeel, organoleptic properties, etc.  However, consumer’s attitude to healthy diet has a strong influence on the demand of healthier food choices, especially non fat yoghurt.  This could challenge manufactures to develop non-fat yoghurt with similar qualities to full fat yoghurt.

SMS Group provides a special product, D-PERSE® 1 which is applicable for non-fat yogurt as a fat replacer.

Products SMS’s products Function Benefits Usage (%)
Fat-Free Yogurt D-PERSE® 1
Fat replacer (+ SMS dairy thickener starch)
  • Enable fat mimic like
  • Enhance mouthfeel and creaminess of product
  • Provide smooth texture
1 – 5%

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