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Egg free mayonnaise

Product Overview
Lecithin in egg yolk is generally used as an emulsifier in mayonnaise to stabilize oil droplet of emulsion system.
Drawback of egg products
• Difficult to handling
• Spoilage easily
• Microbial concern & outbreak issue
EMULTEC®908 is the alternative for an egg yolk replacement in food emulsion such as mayonnaise & salad dressing.
Take advantages of EMULTEC® 908
• Stabilize oil droplet in emulsion
• Provide synergetic viscosity with thickening agent
• Claim for cholesterol free
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Products SMS’s products Function Benefits Usage (%)
Egg free mayonnaise EMULTEC® 908 Emulsifier • Prevent oil separation
• Provide good mouthfeel
• Used as egg yolk replacer
2 – 4 %
LYTETEC® Fat Replacer • Provide good mouthfeel similar to fat in low calorie food 3 – 5%

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