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Environmental Project


SMS Group has emphasized environmentally friendly business operation where prevention and control measures to protect the environment have been implemented.

We have carried out production process management to reduce the amount of water used and to partly recycle treated waste water to production. The company is aware that the best way to alleviate environmental problems is to restrict and minimize the emissions leaving the production process.

We are the first leading manufacturer of tapioca products in Thailand which does not use sulfur dioxide in the manufacturing process and to have installed high-efficiency dust filters to prevent air pollution.

The company has adopted Biotechnology for waste water treatment with its high performance, elimination of odors which disturb the neighboring environment and its reduced emissions of greenhouse gases which are a major cause of global warming. In addition, biogas generated can replace fuel oil constituting significant conservation of energy at the same time.

The  treated  waste  water  is  all  utilized for agriculture  in plantations around the factory instead of being released into the environment, even though it is first treated to achieve the standards set by the Department of Industry for factory effluent.