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Cooked Ham

Product Overview

Ham is usually produced by curing meat muscle with a bine solution (water, salt, phosphate, nitrate and other ingredients) in a tumbler.  This process allows the salt-soluble protein and the meat pieces bound together during cooking. Hydrocolloid such as carrageenan is commonly used in cooked ham as a binding agent, a yield improver and a texturizer. Because of a thermal-reversible gelation property, carrageenan can be dissolved and dissipated throughout the meat matrix during thermal processing and set gel to form cohesive structure during cooling.  However, the use of carrageenan has a cost effect to manufacturer due to it has a high price.

Siam modified starch offers a special modified starch, S-TEX® SP for cost effective solution.  At 3-5% of S-TEX®SP can improve a binding properties in cooked ham, yielding firm and smooth texture. S-TEX®SP is applicable for carrageenan replacer, could help manufacturing achieve benefits in cost reduction while maintain product qualities.

Products SMS’s products Function Benefits Usage (%)
Cooked Ham
Marinated Meat
Texturizer (carrageenan replacer) • Give excellent binding property and heat resistance
• Provide very good juicy and smooth texture
• Increase cooking yield of product
3 – 5%
Cooked Ham1 Cooked Ham2

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