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Clean label marinated meat

Product Overview
Consumers always expect freshness from meat and poultry products and also desire for tender and juicy texture. The use of food additives and modified starches is a crucial importance for meat manufacturers to reduce cooking loss, that makes poultry meat moist and tender after cooking process.  However, food additives and modified starches are not comply with the products that is claimed for clean label food.Siam Modified starch provides the best solution for clean label marinated meat. NATURA UP is a natural ingredient with GMO free, providing excellent performance in water holding capacity even in a heated or a frozen process, so that you can develop poultry meat products under clean label concept while keeping freshness & moist.
Products SMS’s products Function Benefits Usage (%)
Clean label marinated meat  


Natura UP Yield improver • Clean label
• Phosphate free
• Increase cooking yield
• Provide juiciness
3 – 5%
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