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Production Supervisor

Production Supervisor 2 Positions – work at Burirum

Job description :

  • Plan, Develops, Improve and Maintenance of production process.
  • Coach, Supervise, Lead production operator to achieve production goal.
  • Develop and Maintain good behaviors and skill of production operator.
  • Ensure that daily production in properly run and meet the target.
  • To corporation with other section to achieve the company policy.

Preferred qualifications :

  • Bachelor’s degree or Master Degree Chemical Engineer or relate with high education record.
  • At least 5 years of sound experience in supervising production process improvement.
  • Hand on experience and strong in problem analysis and problem solving in area of process.
  • Strong in leadership skill.
  • Good command of spoken and written English.
  • Good in presentation skill

Location : Burirum

Salary range :  + 20-40 K