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Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer

In charge of the project team to support and assist to prepare all documents for plant improvement projects and the maintenance of all production machines in the plant.

Job description :

  • Prepare preliminary design, specifications, manuals, and other data to evaluate the feasibility, cost, safety and maintenance requirements or applications.
  • Initiate a project or get requirement to design, evaluate, install, commissioning and maintain mechanical equipment, systems and processes to meet requirements of plant efficiency, GMP, HACCP and Food safety with knowledge of engineering principles.
  • Investigate equipment failures and difficulties to diagnose faulty operation, and to make recommendations and cooperation with maintenance team.
  • Support and assist the maintenance to maintain the preventive maintenance program, shutdown maintenance activities and safety procedures

Preferred qualifications :

  • bachelor’s degree or higher in Mechanical Engineering or related field
  • At least 1-3 years experience in related industries
  • Having experience with plant improvement and problem solving in machine problem
  • Excellent computer skills such as Auto CAD, Solid works, etc.
  • Better team player and communication skills
  • Good command of English

Location : Pathumthani

Salary range :  25-40 K