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Gluten-Free Cake & Muffin

Cake MuffinGluten-containing foods must be avoided by gluten intolerance people.  Demand of gluten-free bake goods is increased year by year due to raising of world’s population who are allergic to gluten.  Most gluten free bake goods, such as cake & muffin have poor baking qualities and perform harsh texture, these drawbacks lead to unacceptable in product qualities.

GENIGEL® 42 is an excellent texturizer for improve baking qualities of gluten cake & muffin while providing softness & elasticity over the whole shelf life

Products SMS’s products Function Benefits Usage (%)
Gluten-Free Cake & Muffin GENIGEL® 42 Anti-staling & Texturizer
  • Prolong softness and chewiness
  • Improve binding property
  • Extend shelf life of bread
1-5 % of dry mix

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