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BreadGluten network plays a key role on bread dough structure and make superb baking performance in the terms of elastic and extensible. However, gluten can cause allergy to some people who are sensitive to gluten, consequently they must avoid consuming gluten-containing foods.  This is a strong need to develop gluten-free foods for gluten intolerance people.

Depletion of wheat gluten causes adverse effect on baking qualities of bread, especially collapsed structure & poor texture. KREATION®D8 is a special product for improvement baking qualities of gluten-free bread and also maintaining softness over the whole shelf life.

Products SMS’s products Function Benefits Usage (%)
Gluten-Free Bread KREATION® D8 Anti-staling & Texturizer
  • Prolong softness and chewiness
  • Improve binding property
  • Extend shelf life of bread
40 – 50% of flour base

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