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Bio-Nursery Bag

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Bio-Nursery Bag

This new innovative Starch Plastic is now launched to utilize and keep the world greener than ever. Instead of using plastic nursery bag, we introduce our TAPICOPLAST to be blown for the biodegradable nursery bag which no longer has to be taken off after plant seeding. It will naturally be degraded under controllable rate which is friendly to the environment and help to keep your cost optimized.

Compounded resin containing TAPIOPLAST up to 40% with PBAT and PLA can be processed by conventional blown film extrusion to make bio-nursery bag product that can control degradable rate and competitive cost.


Bio-Nursery Bag Properties:

  • Can be planted without bag removing
  • Reduce risk of root damage
  • Enable to control degradable rate
  • Competitive cost
  • Completely biodegradable
  • Can be colored with master batches


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