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Innovation Center

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Focused on creating values through functional solutions and quality/cost optimization, we have established an Innovation Center with state-of-the-art equipment and technology to conduct research, invent new products, and develop innovative quality improvements.

The Innovation Center is equipped with R&D specialists highly skilled in starch-modifying technology for food, paper, adhesive, textile, and construction industries.  Our scientists and applications support teams can assist you through all stages of product development including cost controls analytics, customization, new leading edge innovations, test, tune, scale-up, and production.

The cassavas used for tapioca productions are harvested from our integrated farmer memberships which we contribute training and assistance to the farmers to assure quality and sustainability of the plantations.  This is the first major step at the start of total quality assurance through to finished product.  Our reliable natural resources and people commitments will help you create products successfully to market.