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Corporate Philosophy


To become a nationally and internationally recognized company, SMS has devoted considerable time and effort working with science and technology and in using knowledge management to increase the efficiency of production processes. This enables SMS to be able to consistently produce native and modified tapioca starches of the highest quality in response to the needs of our customers.

Apart from developing the technology of the production processes, the company has always given much importance to “people power” in making our business thrive. This is why SMS continuously looks for new people and develops its existing people to create employees with the necessary skills and abilities to keep us moving in the right direction and ensure our people develop alongside the company.

This philosophy, where both “product quality” and “business quality”, are emphasized enables the company to operate professionally (Professional Corporation) to ensure the sustainable trust and confidence of our customers and other stakeholders.


To be a Global Leader of Innovative Tapioca Starch Solution Trusted Partner


Value Creation is Our Mission

Our Values

Adherence to Integrity

Belief in Intelligence

Dedicate to Innovation